How to Pick Winning Lottery Numbers

How to Pick Winning Lottery Numbers

You may have wondered if there is a way to win the
lotto by using a special numbering system designed to pick winning number combinations. Would it be possible to use a scientific “winning number picker” to magically pick 6 lucky numbers?

The answer is that the odds of you winning the total jackpot are millions-to-one against you. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t effectively apply winning lottery strategies to improve your chances to win secondary cash prizes by using a quality numerical probability system to pick winning lotto numbers.

There is an effective winning lottery system that has been designed by an expert computer programmer that dramatically increases the odds of picking winning lottery numbers. This patent pending system, created by Gian Vergelli, is currently titled, “The Vergelli Winning Lotto System.” Vergelli painstakenly examined all the possibilities of how to build a system
scientifically designed to maximize the chances of a person winning the jackpot while also minimizing the number of tickets they would actually need to purchase. Vergelli’s intensive research culminated in the completion of a one-of-a-kind mathematical algorithm that successfully produces two important results. It improves the numerical odds of picking winning lottery numbers and effectively saves money compared to all the other leading lottery number pickers.

How the Vergelli System Works

When the lottery player initially picks their lotto numbers, the Vergelli system automatically calculates and displays a minimal number of additional combinations they need to play in order to win. This process is necessary to guarantee the highest matching probability to win. For example, in a Pick 6 game, if a player selects 31 numbers, the Vergelli system will search for the optimal winning combinations that need to be played. All combinations with 6 numbers from the set of 31 selected numbers are
736,281. Vergelli’s system searches the MINIMAL number of combinations – so that if the 6 drawn numbers belong to the set of the 31 selected numbers, a prize will be won. The final search finds 31 combinations, from which there will be 733,181 possible combinations, which is 99.6% of all possible winning combinations. The immediate result from this system is a massive improvement in odds to win from one million-to-one to 200,000 to one or better.

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