How to Pick Lottery Winning Numbers – 5 Surefire Lottery Strategies You Can Use Right Away

How to Pick Lottery Winning Numbers – 5 Surefire Lottery Strategies You Can Use Right Away

Picking lottery winning numbers is easy if you follow a few basic rules. The best lottery strategy is one where you eliminate the numbers that are unlikely to be selected, and instead concentrate on picking winning lottery numbers by default.

The most effective strategy to win lottery is contained in these 5 quick tips:

1) Avoid lottery games with a large number of balls and numbers. For example, the Malta lottery has 90 numbers, as does the Italian lottery – so if you live in either of these countries, try a different game.

2) Play 5 ball games that contain the fewest numbers as possible. Ideally games that have as few as 35 numbers are perfect, but of course these are unlikely to have major prizes. Balance the limited prize amount against what you want in your game.

3) Set yourself a realistic goal for the amount of money you want to play with, and don’t exceed it. Better still, if you have a monthly budget, use it all in one game instead of spreading it out over several games throughout the month. This will get you better results – especially if you use a lottery strategy that is designed for this kind of play.

4) Don’t worry about losses. Consider your play money as an entry fee to the game… without this entry amount, you won’t even be able to start playing. Just remember that lottery has the highest form of payback of any investment you’ll ever find.

5) Use real money to test any winning lottery system you use. You’ll regret it if you only win your lottery strategy on paper. The best way to win lottery games is to play to win.

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Hi, I'm Charlie Francis who you would probably describe as a "Mr Average" type of guy. I played the lottery regularly for a long time in the hope of hitting the lottery jackpot, but like the majority of you out there my numbers never came up. Not any more, I now use a system that actually works.

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