5 Steps On How To Pick Winning Lottery Numbers

5 Steps On How To Pick Winning Lottery Numbers

The lottery is a dream come true for the lucky few who win. Most winners have a system in place so they know how to pick winning lottery numbers.

While the odds of winning the lottery are the same, knowing how to pick winning lottery numbers might just swing luck your way. Read on to learn how picking lottery numbers could lead you to the jackpot.

- Step 1

Use numbers that are important to you. You might pick the numbers of a birthday, an anniversary or a series of your favorite numbers. You could use numbers that are important to you because of your relationship with someone, or the street address from where you grew up as a kid.

- Step 2

Pick random numbers. Not everyone likes to use the same set of numbers each time. You can vary your plays by picking the first series of numbers you see on the day you buy your ticket. Many lotteries now offer you the option to buy a ticket with randomly assigned numbers.

- Step 3

Find out your lucky numbers by using astrology patterns. You can also look at your horoscope in the newspaper for your lucky numbers. Many websites will help you do further research into auspicious numbers based on astrology.

- Step 4

Another great method on how to pick winning lottery numbers is to study past winning numbers. Most lotteries have an archive showing past winning number combinations. You can reuse a winning series, or you can study the numbers for patterns.

- Step 5

Apply a delta system to the numbers. A delta system calculates the difference between each number in your series by starting with your first two numbers. You will find the delta for all of your numbers. Most deltas should be between 1 and 15. Start with your favourite number and then add the delta of your choice to find out what your second number should be.

One of these methods could be the answer on how to pick winning lottery numbers, so why not give them a try and see if your luck changes.

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