Avoid These Mistakes By Using A Formula For Picking Lottery Numbers.

Learn some valuable tips for picking lottery numbers.

Everyone has their own theory on what is the best formula for picking lottery numbers. The fact remains, few of these people have ever actually won the lottery. This means, there are no sure ways of knowing that you are picking the numbers. All you have to go on is taking a look at history and the statistics of the numbers, which show up each drawing. Here are some things that you don’t want to do when picking lottery numbers:

Don’t pick the numbers, which have already won. It is especially important that you do not pick the winning numbers from a recently drawn game. The chance of those same numbers coming up again is very, very unlikely.

You also do not want to give your money away to a service, which tells you that they can provide you with a formula for picking lottery numbers. There are a lot of these services out there and they are simply ripping people off. The truth is that if they knew how to choose the winning numbers then they would be playing the lottery instead of running a business.

Another thing to keep in mind is not to choose numbers, which are all even or odd. The statistics show that most of the winning number combination’s have been a good mixture of both odd and even numbers. You should also not choose in a numeric sequence such as 5, 10, 15, and 20. This is one way to really stack the odds against yourself.

Many people choose numbers that include their family members dates of birth. Not a great idea as months only go up as high as 31. When you stick to keeping all of your numbers below 31, you are reducing your chances of choosing those winning numbers.

Another mistake many people make is to choose a pattern on the play slip. They will choose all of the numbers in a straight line and think this is an original formula for picking lottery numbers. In fact, many other people also do this. This means even if you were to win, it would not be a very big amount since you will be sharing it with so many people.

If you have picked some numbers you feel very good about, it is ok  for you to play them week after week. Many people feel that just because those numbers did not win that week then they must not be the numbers for them. This is not true and those numbers may actually come up during any game on any given week. So, if you are really feeling those particular numbers, keep playing them each week.

Choosing to let the Quick Pick system select your numbers is not a bad idea. Many people think that they will not win if the system picks the numbers for them. The truth is that quicker pick numbers have won more in the past than numbers which people selected themselves through the use of a system.

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Picking Lottery Numbers

Hi, I'm Charlie Francis who you would probably describe as a "Mr Average" type of guy. I played the lottery regularly for a long time in the hope of hitting the lottery jackpot, but like the majority of you out there my numbers never came up. Not any more, I now use a system that actually works.

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